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Date: 5/20/2015 5:21 PM UTC

The newest trend in Bat Mitzvahs this fall is bedazzled sneakers! While a few girls have started doing this, you'll be seeing it on the feet of Bat Mitzvah girls everywhere in the fall. Wearing bedazzled Converse or Vans is a comfortable alternative to heels and is more stylish and unique! Here at G-Lizzy, you can bring in your sneaker and we will airbrush and bedazzled them for you!  Each pair is made to match your dress and is comfortable, so there's no need to worry about wearing the same shoes as your friends. These shoes are something you can treasure forever and keep as a memory of your special day, and also be able to wear again! Instead of spending money on heels you're just going to take off, if you buy sneakers you can dance the night away in your sparkly dancing shoes. Bedazzled sneakers are the solution for Bat Mitzvah girls who want to be comfortable while being stylish! Moms love them because they don't have to worry about girls falling in too tall heels, and girls love them because they get gorgeous custom shoes that no one can copy! Stop by G-Lizzy for your beautiful, custom, bedazzled sneakers today!!

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Date: 12/16/2014 9:02 PM UTC

At Gabrielle-Bala Cynwyd and G-Lizzy by Gabrielle it is never too early to find your perfect dress.   We recommend beginning your search by coming in so that we can help you get an idea of what you are looking for and determine which styles look best on you.  Everyone is different.  Some people are quick decision makers who see something they love and make the purchase without ever looking back.  For others, the idea that they might like something more later on sometimes delays the process.  One thing we have found for sure is that most often if you fall in love with a dress but keep looking you usually come back to what you loved at the outset!  There’s always another trolly…so spare yourself the angst.

You should also know that eveningwear tends to be more seasonless than sportswear.  Unless it is a heavy fabrication, most gowns and cocktails can be worn all year round regardless of color.  In fact, at Gabrielle we are selecting our inventory for the next season upwards of six months before it hits the store.  This is another great reason to come in on the earlier side.  Once we begin working together we can share with you the pictures of the pieces that are coming in before they even arrive!

The same logic applies to G-Lizzy.  Often moms are reluctant to begin too early because they are worried that their daughter will outgrow her dress.  At G-Lizzy, our experienced custom vendors take into account your child’s growth and make the size accordingly.  In fact, once we place the order we can re-measure your child before the dress is made.  That way you can check it off your list but be assured that the size will be accurate!

Dress shopping can be a fun experience for the whole family! It is never too early to start! So come play dress up- you might just leave with a fabulous dress!

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Date: 7/6/2014 6:00 PM UTC

My child is getting married at an unconventional venue-what should I wear?Carol Peretz dress

It seems that weddings today are taking place at many non traditional venues. From mountaintops to beaches to farms, many mothers of the bride and groom who don’t want to be overdressed in a traditional gown, find themselves in a tizzy about what to wear. Well we’re here to tell you that there are many beautiful and appropriate options that will enable you to feel special while at the same time respecting your child's more laid back venue.

Often fabric bears greatly on how dressy a garment appears. For example a taffeta or wool dress or one that is heavily embellished often has a dressier and more serious vibe. Try a chiffon or a lace- something that will be lightweight and perhaps have soft movement to it. At Gabrielle, designer Carol Peretz’ creations are always good choices for these moms. A ballerina by trade, Carols pieces are feminine, airy and have a whimsical quality to them making them lightweight and easy to wear.  Another popular designer is Olvis whose lace confections are edgy and flirty and available in amazing colors and prints.

Gabrielle_BalaRemember that regardless of the venue you should always stay true to yourself and your own sense of style. Gabrielle offers a wide array of cocktail dresses and gowns appropriate for every venue and we’d love to help you find a fabulous dress!

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